Working With Us

Arthritis Therapy Acceleration Programme

The A-TAP can provide support and expertise for projects from a number of partners including:

Industry partners

The primary purpose of A-TAP is to provide a platform to perform Stratified Pathology: matching the right drug to the right indication early in drug discovery. The A-TAP is working to develop and seek collaborations with industry partners for proof of concept and proof of mechanism studies in RA, SS, SpA and IBD (from early Phase Ib studies to small randomised Phase IIa studies) with adjunctive biomarker studies. While there will be a focus on repurposing drugs or combination therapies we also wish to use high quality novel experimental drugs/probes to uncover new targets and pathways. We would be more than happy to discuss any proposals in the areas of inflammation.

Academic partners

We are happy to discuss potential A-TAP projects with any partners across the A-TAP partnership. However, please note that any Academic Projects that receive resource from A-TAP will have to be primarily investigator led studies with grant support or linked to funding from Industrial partners. All academic studies that run through A-TAP will require initial review, support and prioritisation by the appropriate governance structures.

Operational support

We can provide support including Clinical Trial design expertise, Bioinformatics, Operational Management, Tissue Management, Research Nurse time and Academic RF support for approved projects.

NHS Partners